Ephemera presents olfactory compositions based on musical resonances and reverberations. The nose behind the project is Berlin-based Geza Schoen, known for the groundbreaking Escentric Molecules series as well as various avant-garde/conceptual scents. 
In the first phase of the project, three musicians - Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, and Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) - created raw sonic material which Schoen then reinterpreted to create three different scents: Noise, Drone and Bass. 
These scents and sounds are now used in an installation environment, and also encapsulated as unique perfumes. 
The installation also includes visual elements by Marcel Weber (MFO), Manuel Sepulveda (Otigram) and Piotr Jukubowicz. These change, depending on the environment.

More information can be found on the Ephemera website.

The project is curated and produced by Malgorzata Plysa and Mat Schulz of Unsound.

Past Ephemera Installations

Tromsø Center For Contemporary Art, Norway - October 2014

National Museum of Krakow, Poland - October 2014

Audio Visual Arts, New York - April 2014

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